A powerfully symbolic building, stands in the Laufen valley in the canton of Baselland: the LAUFEN Forum.

The showroom located at the headquarters, is not only a powerful place for the bathroom as such, but also makes an architectural statement that reflects the brand and is consecrated to the bathroom. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designed the "bowl/08", a washbasin for the LAUFEN collection. Architects Nissen & Wentzlaff created a larger version of this object in the form of the building which stands out with its impressive exposed concrete and elegant statics.

With this building, LAUFEN - the largest Swiss manufacturer of bathroom fittings and internationally renowned company - set their products in the centre of attention. The LAUFEN Forum shows more than sanitary ware; it gives a frame to the bathroom as a total package. Therefore, it is a space for the bathroom with the power to inspire clients, architects, retailers and tradesmen alike and provide a source of information.

Moreover, the Forum is the home of the training centre of LAUFEN Bathrooms AG. A wide range of seminars is held here to train groups and communicate product knowledge. Training sessions also take place in the Sky Gallery in Wilhelmsburg, Austria, and in Znojmo in the Czech Republic.

LAUFEN won the "Award for Marketing + Architecture" in the category "Office and commercial buildings - industrial and commercial interiors" in 2010. It also won the Green Good Design Award and, in 2011, the "best architects award 2011" in the category "Business and Industrial Buildings".

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