The latest generation of LAUFEN water-saving WCs is optimised to flush with two reduced flushing volumes: 4.5 or 3 litres of water. Compared to today’s 6/3 litre dual flush or 6 litre single flush standard, these new models provide substantial water savings. With an average of 5,000 flushes per WC per year, the yearly water saving is at least 6,000 litres, or more than 27,000 litres if we take into consideration that 9 or even 12 litre models are still in use.

LAUFEN products marked with the green 4.5/3L logo are not only fulfilling the requirements defined in the harmonized standard EN 997 Class 1 Type 5 and Class 2 (that cover the whole European territory), but also fulfill the challenging Australian requirements of SAI/Wels 4 Stars.

In order to achieve this water saving the LAUFEN floorstanding WC combination shall be combined with its dedicated cistern having the option .75x. LAUFEN wall-hung or floorstanding WCs shall be combined with any concealed cistern, locally available and approved for 4.5/3 litre flushing.

Please note that a suitable downstream drainage system must be built for this kind of water-saving WCs. In case of restrictions of the existing drainage system or local regulations LAUFEN WCs marked with the green 4.5/3L logo can also be flushed with standard 6 litre flushing volume.